Having contributed greatly to the deliverance of humanity, Sage Agathiyar must be venerated in gratitude. This Siddhargal Kottam has been formed to recollect the works of Siddhars towards humanity and to take guidance with the chief of Siddhars, Agathiyar. For accomplishing such an action and to make historical documental evidence, a 135 foot tall statue of Great Sage Agathiyar, is going to be erected at the bank of Tamiraparani River at Papanasam at the bottom of Pothigai hills in Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu.

The decision of erecting a statue is not taken by individuals or organizations. This has been commenced through the guidance of subtle powers and the ripening of time to accomplish such gracious endeavor. To speak further that this grand act of raising the holy statue of Sage Agathiyar should have been completed a century ago. However the great postponement is also an act of time and the fruition of such divine initiation has matured only now.

It would not be an overstated one to say that this mission of installing the statue of Sage Agathiyar has come to become a reality, due to the fact, that the blessings and profound love of Lord Murgan, the chief of Siddhas, has been showering on Sage Agathiyar.

The marvelous manifestation of “Pothigai Muni” Agathiyar

The grace of Lord Murugan and the blessings of Siddhars have made to institute a magnificent statue of Agathiyar.

However, where to install the statue?

Towards which direction should it face?

What should be the form, appearance and facial expressions?

…were the many questions transpired.

Whom should one go to get answers?

In the given situation, the great Pothigaimuni.Agathiyar himself appeared in subtleness and revealed answers to all such questions to Sadhu Rajan Swamigal, the disciple of Gurunathar “Shri Shivrajayogi”, the adherent of “Mother Yogineeshwari” of Padalur, Perambalur District, Tamilnadu.

The revelation:

While Agathiyar was being attracted by the magnetic waves of the South through the vibrations of his thought process, began his spiritual journey towards south. He had reached the southern point. The gentle breeze with fragrance of sandal and the honey savor of darling Tamil have encompassed him.

The posture of Agathiyar Statue:


While He looked at the awesome beauty and radiance of Pothigai hills, the abode of God Murugan, a brilliant vibration, never experienced ever before anywhere in the world, had electrified into his physic in a split second. At that instant, he was unable to relieve from the state of bliss and awe. His state of being at that moment could be compared to a child found her mother again, having lost her among the multitude for long hours in woe, worry and tears; a person suffered in hunger and thirst without food and water for many a day and suddenly found a sea of milk in front of him; a feeling of wonder crept in as if a wave of Tsunami stood still for a moment!.


Agathiyar having witnessed the great beauty of Lord Muruga and the grandeur of Pothigai Hills stood still in admiration like a sculpture, in a posture of walking, right leg in front, both arms in middle neither putting downwards nor lifting upwards, stretched in front holding both palm upwardly open and his entire body got flooded in emotion, eyes and face in absolute delight and bliss and as if attained a sense of realization of his birth. This had been the revelation of the posture of the great Agathiyar Siddhar’s statue to be installed at the bottom of Pothigai Hills at Siddharkal Kottam in Papanasam.