About Us

Objectives of the Trust

  • To disseminate the life style and rich contributions of “Siddhars” made to heal the physical, mental and spiritual infirmity of humanity.
  • To propagate and implement projects about the rich contributions of siddhars, especially the great Agathiyar siddhar, in the field of language, medicine, art & culture and yoga.
  • To establish “siddharkal koattam” at the bottom of Pothigai Hills in Papanasam at the bank of Tamiraparani river, in Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu.
  • To erect a 135 ft tall statue of the Great Agathiyar Siddhar at the centre of the Siddharkal Koattam and to establish a meditation hall, library, audio & video assembly hall and a museum to the general mass.
  • To establish and contribute to educational and cultural Institutions, Colleges, Schools, Libraries, Reading Rooms etc. to propagate the thoughts and practices of Siddhars.
  • To encourage activities and propagation of environmental protection initiatives like protection of nature, rivers, tree plantation and to co-operate with the concerned government/ private agencies in this regard.
  • To create an impression in the minds of people that Siddhars have richly contributed to the well being of public and to educate groups and youth to practice simple pro-nature life style with positive vibrations and spiritual strength .
  • To propagate the teachings of Siddhars to live a harmonious life within the individual self and with others in society so as to make human living meaningful and mutually supportive.
  • To acquire immovable properties by purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otherwise and to build, erect, alter and maintain buildings for carrying out the activities of the Trust.
  • To approach government and non-government agencies and other donors, both in India and other foreign courtiers with projects for rising funds for fulfilling the objectives of the Trust.


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Board of Trustees

1. Shri.K.Jayapal, Managing Trustee
# 1/63A, Agraharam Street,
Kuzhumani Post, SriRangam Taluk,
Trichy District, Tamilnadu – 639 103.

2. Shri.E.Thangamani, Financial Trustee
#7/25, Neiveli Kudi Theru, Killiyanalloor,
Pukkathurai Post, Mannachanalloor Taluk,
Trichy District, Tamilnadu- 621 213.

3. Shri.G.Rajaneeswaran, Trustee
#30-B, Main Road,
Papanasam, Vickiramasingapuram Post,
Ambasamudram Taluk,
Tirunelveli District. 627 425.
Tamilnadu, South India.


Project Coordinators

Shri. A.Narayanan – Cell No:   98650 47277/ 90250 31212

Shri. DK.Srinivasan – Cell No:   76674 29090

Shri. Harish Gally, Chicago U.S. – Email: hgally@yahoo.com,   Cell No:   +1 630 964-2210

Shri. Raju Veerasamy, Malaysia – Cell No:   +60 12-310 1958

Legal status of organization Registration details

  • Registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 ( Regd No: 556/1995)
  • Registration U/S 12AA of The Income- Tax Act ,1961 Regd .No 9755(66)/SLM/2003 -2004.
  • Registered under Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1961 with the Home Ministry, Govt of India.