India, our mother land, has been seen as an exquisitely sacred and spiritual abode on Earth. That being the reason, it has created a great aspiration ,in the minds of the spiritual seekers from all over the world, arriving to see our country. It is known universally that the spiritual wave has been felt everywhere in India, in particular vibrating intensively in the extreme points of south and north of the country. Principally, the spiritual current of the south point, the Great Pothigai Hills, besieged the people of North India. Given the state of affairs, the great Sage Agathiyar who had been held high like an emperor in spiritual and yogic fields, came to learn about the great siddhar Lord Murugan who have mastered in all forms of art, literature and language.
For that reason, Agathiyar seriously aspired to see Lord Murugan and journeyed towards south to meet Him at pothigai hills. Having reached Pothigai Hill, the abode of God, Agathiyar was mesmerized by the splendor of the divine Hill. No word could suffice to unravel the beauty of Pothigai as the nectar of Nature is in profusion.
Sage Agathiyar therefore, decided to live there to enrich the life of human beings. Pothigai hills with spectacular beauty of nature and invoking the blessings of the many siddhars from the time of Lord Murugan and Sage Agathiyar, who lived up these mountains for many centuries and have been vibrating their divine blessings to true seekers of God.