Salient Features of the Cottage buildings

At Siddharkal Kottam (Land of Great Sages), is a place specially meant for Spiritual practitioners, who can practice their own system what they have learnt. No one will interfere in their practice.

Few Cottages are proposed to be built where any Spiritual practitioner can use that place for their practices at full intense. All basic provisions will be available for their practices. The below are few salient features of the Cottage:

  • Caves are available to have our meditation in separate safe area which will be totally a different experience. Caves provide normal weather conditions at all times.
  • The cottages which are going to built will appear as a big Rock from outside totally merging with Nature but inside all basic facilities will be there.
  • Between each rock cottage on the lawn side there will be greeneries and water flow will be there. On the Top of the roof rock, some grass or plants are being planned.
  • From cottage we can see the river water flowing. Only the sounds of water flow and birds will be there. There will be no other external sounds. Many rocks will be provided on the river bed to meditate and relax.
  • One can get full view of the mountains and forest. But the place is absolutely safe from wild animals..
  • A separate area will be provided where only persons who want to observe silence can stay in a small room with a bed and table. Food will be kept inside room through window as per desire of sadhak. A record note will be provided to leave our request or for any help. The sadhak will be attended by specially trained spiritual person. Guidance will be given in case of any problems during silence. With these facilities, one can practice high quality Mounam without even eye e contact with other persons..
  • Sadhaks are free to practice their own methods. There will be no interference or restriction on that count. However, if required, guidance would be provided..
  • It is very close to to the Papanasam Siva temple which is known as the Kasi of the South True tg the name, the river Thampraparani is rich in copper content. At the Ashram, an energy hub has been found and it is in this area, the cottages will be constructed as places for meditation. Earlier, the place was planned for as a tourist destination but while digging, Siddhas inside didn’t allow the machine to work and so the place has been reserved as a pure place where only serious sadhaks will have access.access. Meditating in such an area, sadhak has a chance to get linked with the sages present and get spiritual benefit..
  • Kalayana Theertham, the cave where Sage Agathiyar had meditated is nearby . Agathiyar falls is also close by.
  • It is at the foothills of Pothigai mountain nhabitedby Sage Agathiyar. Just after this area, the Tiger Reserved forest begins.
  • Few areas only Public are allowed to enter only in certain areas. Most of the area are meant purely for sadhana.
  • From Tirunelveli, which is about 50 kilometers, lots of buses available. Nearby places are Kurtralam, Kanyakumari, Thiruchendur and more.
  • Trees connected to our horoscope (Zodiac Signs – Rasi / Stars – Natkshtra) will be available for prayers.
  • Organic Vegetables will be cultivated in Siddharkal Kottam itself and every Sadhak will get that good Satvic food.

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