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Membership Enrolment

The Siddharkal Kottam is situated in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu at the foothills of Pothigai Mountain in the holy place of Papanasam Town surrounded on all the four sides by the Thamraparani River, in an enchanting natural environment. We may call it as island inhabited by the Siddhas. The Human Mirror Trust, which is bringing up the Siddharkal Kottam is doing yeomen service to humanity.

Siddharkal Kottam is established to provide knowledge about the life style of Siddhas, their contribution in various fields, their teachings and practices for spiritual development. Most importantly, the Statue of Sage Agasthiyar, the dear disciple of Aathi Siddhar Lord Murugan will be brought to existence. Moreover, contribution of the Siddhas for the development of humanity will be depicted in the form of Statues. A small number of cottages (appearance will be like a big rock) will be built for people to stay in divine area as a place for spiritual retreat. In this historical event of expressing our gratitude and respect to the Siddhas, we cordially invite you to be a part of this and get their blessings for our own spiritual development.

Donation: Donations are requested for the above Divine Program. The Donors can stay in the cottages to pursue their spiritual growth.

Plan 1 – Life-time Member: Donation of Rs. 3.5 lakhs: The Donor can stay for 40 days every year throughout his/ her life time in cottage with provision for stay of 2 persons.

Plan 2 – Donation of Rs. 1 lakh: The Donors can stay for 40 days every year for 5 years in cottage with provision for stay of 2 persons.

Plan 3 – Donation of Rs. 50,000/- : The Donors can stay for 20 days every year for 5 years in cottage with provision for stay of 2 persons.


  • Life time Members can pay the amount in installments also.
  • Members will be provided Natural Organic Foods ( on payment)
  • All donations are exempt from Income Tax under section 80 G.

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Services provided at the Siddharkal kottam include:

  • Library housing books on spirituality, Natural way of living etc.
  • Kitchen providing food prepared by our traditional system and using organic food.
  • Herbal sana bath.
  • Oil massaging based on siddha traditions.
  • Yogasana practice.
  • Mudras.
  • Siddha Medical services.

For practitioners of Yoga, Panchakalpa bath & Kaphasudhi practice provided.

Dear practitioners of physical, mental and spiritual health,
The calm, serene and naturally beautiful Siddharkal kottam welcomes you heartily.

Siddharkal Kottam Pamphlet - Front


Siddharkal Kottam Pamphlet - Front

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HUMAR MIRROR TRUST (Registered under Indian trust Act, 1882)
No. 30B, Main Road, Papanasam, Vikramasingam P.O,
Ambasamudram Dist, Thirunelveli 627425
Tel: 98412 77477 (Chennai)